Addressing Your Business Mail - No Margin for Error

07/12/2015 by Edirex

Obviously you take a lot of time, and invest plenty of money, finding and retaining

your customers. Well, you certainly don’t want to run the risk of losing them over

something as simple as sending their mail to the wrong address, right? Not everything

is communicated online these days, and when you do need to send letters, postcards or

packages - whether it is via the U.S. Post Office or a delivery driver - it’s pretty important

that it arrives at the correct destination.



We all know a company’s reputation can turn on a dime, especially in today’s digital

world. Care is taken to build extraordinary websites, online marketing and SEO is a

regular budget allocation, and customer services are available rapidly, for the most part.

The last thing you need is to have your customer think they are such small change to

you that you can’t even get their address right.


Addressing Equipment and Software options are plentiful, and in today’s Internet Age

these services can confidently provide your business with everything it needs to process

your mailing lists - accurately and quickly. Here are some of the features you should

enjoy with the modern systems now available:


1. Best possible postage rates - eliminating issues with incorrect weight, and taking

advantage of the most appropriate shipping options

2. Updates to your software should be automatic - no longer having to deal with

DVDs, your online updates are convenient and save office storage space.

3. Unlimited changes of address - daily limits should be a thing of the past, but this

is a factor to check when comparing services.

4. U.S. Postal Service updates - making certain your mailing lists are both in

compliance with current regulations and also accurate.

5. Metered mail is faster - the Post Office treats your packages and letters as

Business Mail (already stamped and cancelled), and handles them more rapidly.