Every Business Needs Internet Marketing Services


Having a website isn’t the only thing you need to be seen across the Internet. Of course you can hand out business cards and flyers with the website URL on them. But, if you want to bring in ‘unique visitors’ and new potential clients, Internet marketing services are a must. Your competitors are doing it, and if you aren’t as well, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

It’s All About ‘Search’

Everyone searches the web every single day; for everything to the best food delivery to the closet nail salon. We no longer have several pounds worth of phone directories dropped off at our door every six months. How do we find anybody? By Internet search, of course. Whether the search is from our cell phone, tablet or desktop computer, if you want to locate a service or compare prices the web is where you go.

Local Exposure is Everything

If you aren’t locally marketed on the web, nobody’s going to find you. Facebook is fine, for people who already know you. But your Facebook isn’t going to come up unless somebody types in your actual name or company name. If someone searches for ‘dentist santa barbara,’ your business could be right across the street from them and it wouldn’t come up.

Unless you are in all the local directories (a cumbersome task at best), and consistently and continuously updated in Google (maps, +) with your actual website address, don’t expect to be found by prospective customers. Why wouldn’t you want to change that? It’s kind of like hiding your storefront sign in the middle of the forest, and then wondering why people aren’t fighting over themselves to get to you.

Summing it up…

Bottom line is, the Internet is technical. And, unless you are an IT or SEO expert, it’s not in your wheelhouse. So, realize that the money you are wasting on snail mail, and print ads and YELP review placements is misdirected. If you choose to be a part of the technological age, employing Internet marketing techniques is essential.

Don’t assume that when companies on the web scream at you in all caps ‘that you can DIY for cheap’ (if you just sign up with them) are telling you the truth. They just want a piece of the pie, while you do the work yourself. And, hey, if you get no results, it’s not on them. Good luck with that.