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Selecting the Right Fax Machines

In the digital age, the fact that fax machines are still in use is a testament to their necessity and convenience in our society. Faxing is much quicker than snail mail, and is still a better way to instantly share contracts and important documents.

Why Tracking Your Labor Hours Matters

In a perfect world, all employees would document their actual hours worked, without having to clock in. Unfortunately, without a proper time and attendance system, your company could be losing thousands of dollars a month (depending on the size of yo

Purchasing MPM Software for Your Medical Practice

When it comes to medical practice management (MPM) software, the market is flooded with choices of providers. If you are overwhelmed, it’s for a good reason. There are many unique types of medical management which targets specific needs; such as smal

Long Distance Service is Getting Closer

With the advent of new technology, long distance services have taken off in all directions - from decreased pricing to alternative systems such as VoIP connection. The world is at our fingertips in seconds; if not by cable, then by satellite.

What You Should Know About Commercial Ice Machines

From salad bars and hotels, to hospitals and drink vendors, there are a wide variety of uses for commercial ice machines. You will want to select an ice bin or dispenser large enough to handle your busiest hours of use. Then add up to 20%, as you

Which Business Structure Should You Choose?

One of the most important considerations when setting up your new company is the kind of business structure or incorporation to choose. Before you take the plunge, it’s really best to consult with an attorney, because each one has its ups and downs;

Laser Printers for Your Business

In this age of technology, we certainly maintain many documents on our computers, either saved on the desktop, backed up on a drive or disk, or stored in the cloud. Eventually, most documents require us to print out a hard copy at some point. And, la

What Collection Agencies Can Do For You

The main reason for hiring collection agencies is to attempt to recover monies owed your company, those which you have had difficulty getting paid by the customer. It is not an action you should take lightly - after all, if you turned accounts over t

Web Conferencing is All the Rage

From webcasts to online presentations and webinars, the Internet has opened up a whole new world; one in which you can put together a meeting from your desk - in a matter of minutes. Online conferences have also saved companies millions of dollars

Your Business Phone Service Options

Today, business phone service providers have almost unlimited options for local and long distance to meet your company’s specific needs. A customized pricing proposal will depend on several things; the number of required lines, the size of your offic