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HR Outsourcing Makes Great Sense!

Your SME business still has the same compliance regulations of a much larger firm. And yet, trying to keep up with the legalities and avoid penalties (not to mention breaking the law)...

Why Human Resources Management is So Important

Selecting a person to manage your human resources is an important decision; and certainly not a position to be relegated to a busy secretary or office clerk. It has become more of a specialty job these days,

Health Insurance - The New Laws and You

Thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act, health insurance coverage will be offered and more affordable to individuals who have gone without options in the past. However, with the rewards come a number of new health insurance laws for employers

Outsourcing Your Payroll? Why Not?

Everyone knows that payroll accounting is not only time consuming but treacherous ground. As a business owner, it’s the last thing you want to get wrong. Having the IRS zeroed in on your company isn’t fun, and the regulations are ever changing and

401K Retirement and Your Business

Though several retirement plan choices are available, the majority of companies (and employees) are most familiar with the traditional 401K plans. They inherently have more flexible options and allow higher contribution amounts than other retirement

General Liability Insurance and Your Company

There are many types of insurance to be considered as you take ownership of a business, from workers compensation to company vehicle insurance. One of the most important to have in place from the onset is General Liability. It protects the business

Keeping Your Company’s Books

If your business is already sizeable, chances are you either have an accounting department or at least a bookkeeper on your payroll. Though this may appear to work well for you, it’s never a bad thing to explore your options and see how much less thi

Is it Time to Update Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Devastating hurricanes and other natural disasters have taught businesses the importance of implementing a disaster recovery plan. However, while many companies are aware that any disruption and loss of data can cripple their daily operation

Why Offer Dental and Vision Insurance?

Though medical insurance is a given (especially in the days following the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act), dental and vision insurance are still an afterthought with no federal requirements. In fact, they have always been a separate policy,

Why Your Employees Need Workers Compensation Coverage

First of all, it’s not an option 99% of the time. Workers Compensation is a state-mandated program provided by insurance companies, which covers your employees who might suffer a work-related illness or injury. Every state passes its own laws and est