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Your Website Design Matters

The DIY templates you can get free with everything from your business cards to your lunch are running amuck - and the result is that the Internet is now filled with sites that look like a bunch of grade-schoolers created them. Impressive? No, they ar

Every Business Needs Internet Marketing Services

Having a website isn’t the only thing you need to be seen across the Internet. Of course you can hand out business cards and flyers with the website URL on them. But, if you want to bring in ‘unique visitors’ and new potential clients, Internet marke

Long Distance Service is Getting Closer

With the advent of new technology, long distance services have taken off in all directions - from decreased pricing to alternative systems such as VoIP connection. The world is at our fingertips in seconds; if not by cable, then by satellite.

Printed Marketing Collateral is Great Business!

One of the first things any new business will take care of is to have a logo designed and business cards printed. Sure, that is a good first step, and certainly a necessary one. Remember that your logo deserves more attention than just the way it

Mailing Lists: A Viable Marketing Option

Mailing lists are still a popular and reasonable marketing approach, available in either direct mail or permission-based contexts. In fact, with today’s technology, data gathering has made it possible to narrow these lists to target specific income

Online Designs Your Business Needs Now

Today’s marketing strategies are very different than those of the last century. If you already have an established location, but haven’t bothered with building a website, then honestly you’re losing the race. Online graphic design is an essential

What Collection Agencies Can Do For You

The main reason for hiring collection agencies is to attempt to recover monies owed your company, those which you have had difficulty getting paid by the customer. It is not an action you should take lightly - after all, if you turned accounts over t

Thinking of Going Ecommerce? What You Need to Know

Whether you are starting up a new business, or already have an established one, ecommerce is an interesting avenue to explore. There are many options available, depending on your budget and needs. Ecommerce website design is an intricate process. It

Should My Business Use On Hold Messaging?

Basically, an on hold messaging or MOH system plays a prerecorded message or music (or both) for your customers, while they are waiting to speak with someone at your company. Nobody enjoys waiting on hold, especially in complete silence. An MOH will

What Your Website Means to Your Brand

Statistics indicate that the average person stays on each website for less than one minute, so it

is imperative to instantly capture their attention and create the right first impression. After all, a

website is a reflection of a company's goal