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Laser Printers for Your Business

In this age of technology, we certainly maintain many documents on our computers, either saved on the desktop, backed up on a drive or disk, or stored in the cloud. Eventually, most documents require us to print out a hard copy at some point. And, la

How to Choose a Database Designer

Though creating certain spreadsheets and documents - and sharing them manually or on a network - may prove useful, a proper database could allow you to manage billions of pieces of information in a much more efficient manner. Unlike your spreadsheets

How Accessible are Your Company Files?

It’s true that a document management system can be a fairly major expense (at several thousand dollars for a basic system). However, your return on investment (ROI) can be significantly large, given the savings in labor alone. Depending on the size o

Why You Should Select a Color Copier

The main advantage of the color copier is that they are digital, rather than analog. The digital color copiers combine many functions; copies, scanning, network printing, faxing. They also are quieter, have fewer moving parts and are superior at fine

What Service Management Software Can Do For You

It wasn’t so long ago that companies in the service industry had to rely completely on 2-way radios and pagers in order to communicate with their field supervisors. Phones didn’t have Wi-Fi and there weren’t tablets. In fact, if you didn’t have a mob

Selecting a Business Digital Copier

We’ve come a long way since the first photocopier was brought onto the scene in 1959 by Xerox. These days digital copiers resemble computers, in that they are capable of performing several functions on a single networked piece of equipment. Because t