Printed Marketing Collateral is Great Business!

07/20/2015 by Edirex

One of the first things any new business will take care of is to have a logo designed and business cards printed. Sure, that is a good first step, and certainly a necessary one. Remember that your logo deserves more attention than just the way it looks on the cards you will be handing out. It will become your brand identifier, appearing wherever your presence is marketed - from newsletters to envelopes.

Though a website is certainly the underlying foundation of any company these days, placing Printed Marketing Collateral into the hands of consumers and Business to Business (B2B) contacts is one of the most powerful ways to support your firm’s message. Below are suggestions for getting your information out in front of prospects, while strengthening existing relationships.

Speaking Engagements

If you have the opportunity to give a presentation to a room full of potential clients, providing them with business collateral such as flyers, pamphlets, booklets and CDs, will make your words more memorable. They also allow the audience to reflect on your message on their own time, and encourage their referrals as well. When used as an accompaniment to an engaging speech, the chances are very high the Printed Marketing Collateral will lead to sales and create long term fans of your product.

Direct Mail Marketing

It is true we are in the digital age, with email and social media converging to grab our attention on a daily basis. Depending on your target market, it can still be extremely valuable for your customer to receive a well-designed postcard or newsletter. Think about it: an online landing page may capture their attention for 3-4 seconds, while a mailed piece makes its way from a mailbox to their desk or kitchen table - and that’s just the beginning. The customer has time to read it, both sides, with their morning coffee. If the message speaks to them, your collateral could end up in a file, their briefcase or wallet, or in a stack of things to do - such as call about your service or go online to utilize the coupon code.