Tips for Choosing Your Next Trade Show

03/06/2015 by Edirex

Effective trade shows can be one of the best ways to increase your company’s exposure to both vendors and the public. That said, there are a few points to consider before spending money on your booth reservation, a custom Trade Show Display, business collateral, pre-show advertising and travel arrangements.

What are Your Goals?

You don’t want to just show up the day before, set up your booth, attend the mixer and count on just chatting it up with anybody who stops to check out your display. Decide which goals you want to achieve, making certain your marketing is directed at the same target. Are you trying to reach a new demographic, or strengthen existing relationships? Salesmanship is mostly about selling yourself, and your confidence and connectivity will increase with a well laid out game plan.

Choosing the Right Show

The type of trade show is key of course. You’ll want to exhibit at a convention which has relevance to your product, and design your booth and promotional giveaways accordingly. Think like your customer. Why are they attending, what are they looking for? The trade show organizers will have all the attendee demographics for you, and should also provide lists of exhibitors, along with their contact information. Don’t be intimidated about the competition - the more the merrier.

The Trade Show Display choices can be integral to your success, or failure. Not everyone will be drawn to your staff, nor will many folks spend a lot of time at your booth - after all, they have a whole room full of things to see (and giveaways to collect). Make sure your display is of adequate size to attract attention across the aisle and above the shoulders of the crowd. Retractable banner stands, for instance, are a great item - tall enough to be seen at a distance, and large enough to showcase your services and company image.  

Location, Location, Location

No matter which city the trade show is held in, people are going to attend. So, keep in mind you don’t always have to target big city conventions. They cost more, all the way around, and may not fulfill your expectations. Many of these include multiple name speaker events, which draw customers off the floor. Location within the room is important as well. You don’t necessarily want to be on the ‘main drag,’ as the cost will be higher and sometimes attendees avoid these areas which are overcrowded and more ‘hard sell.’

The show organizers will provide you with a layout of the room showing who is currently reserved in the spaces, and where the entrances and exits are located. This is key information to consider. If there is, for instance, a military booth in the back - grab the spot next to it! It may be off the beaten path because it was donated with gratitude, but just imagine how much the public will be drawn to it. You’ll have an interesting show neighbor, and a lot more foot traffic.