5 Mistakes Small Business Make

on 01/25/2017 - 11:08 am

Mistakes happen in business, even for small businesses.  That’s how we learn, right?  Correct!  The truth is when those mistakes happen, you have to learn from them and try desperately not make them again.  That’s sort of a life motto, not just for business.  That said, everyone still tries to avoid making mistakes.  That’s completely normal.  What if you knew ahead of time what the typical mistakes were and if you could avoid them?  Wouldn’t that be great?  Well, we’ve been working that type of list for your business to prepare you for the new year.
Take a look at some of the biggest mistakes small businesses make a ...

What to Expect: Small Business Under The New Adminstration

on 01/25/2017 - 10:03 am

With the new administration taking control, many small businesses are patiently waiting and hoping for positive actions to be taken, supporting small business. Under the previous administration, the White House boasted many accomplishments for small business including stating, "15 million private-sector jobs created since early 2010 and access to more government contracts for women and minority business owners.  
Despite whatever progress the former administration stated, there were some critics that had different views.  Issues that were mentioned and that are a continued concern for small businesses are listing below.  Much of these issues were ones Trum ...

Small Business New Year’s Resolutions

on 12/23/2016 - 08:56 am

It’s a new year with lots of changes on the horizon.  There is s shift in leadership in America and the economy has steadily improved over the last couple of years.  For these reasons alone and more, we know undoubtedly that change is coming.  That said, when you’re creating your New Year’s Resolutions for your business, make sure you’re prepared for what's to come.

CPA/Accounting/Finance Preparation:  Schedule a meeting with your CPA right away to make sure you’re business understands all the risks for the coming year(s).  For example, we understand the Fed may increase rates which in return effects the economy.  Underst ...

Preparing Your 2017 Annual Business Plan

on 12/22/2016 - 01:26 pm

Now is the time to finalize your business plan for the new year.  While some businesses are busy during the holidays with their business, there are a some businesses that might experience a lull during the December month.  Whatever state your business is in, make sure you make planning a priority.  It can be the difference of how much your business increases.  Below are some tips on planning that can help your business grow next year.

Previous Year Assessment:  Small business owners need to understand what worked the previous year and what didn’t.  Additionally, they should be looking at years prior for year-to-date growth to understand where th ...